Named after the street Cafetal is located in, the Overend Blend is a full Colombian blend which is extremely unique. As Cafatel solely focuses on Colombian coffee this is only natural for them. The blend consists of two washed Colombian coffees from the Huila and the Central Andes regions. You can definitely expect very sweet and fruity aromas with caramel, red fruits and a clean and balanced milk chocolate finish.

 These coffees are produced in the mountains of Colombia and complement one another in flavour and story. With complete traceability the beans are blended and imported directly from the farmers to the Cafetal warehouse for weekly roasting. 


Our goal at Cafetal is to bridge the gap between the coffee growers, the coffee drinkers and every step in between. Connecting people to origin since May 2020, Cafetal was created as a platform to showcase the many faces of Colombian coffee. From the various regions and farms of Colombia we are able to hand pick the best coffees to exhibit the country’s diverse profiles and qualities, allowing them to be the sole hero of every batch and blend we roast. Since our coffee is bought through direct trade, we are able to build strong relationships with the farmers. Collaborating with them each harvest to improve the quality of their product paying and them a premium for it. We roast in our solar powered warehouse with confidence that our coffee is sustainable through every step of its journey.

Thanks to our close working relationship with our green coffee supplier and our connection to origin we are able to bridge the divide between coffee drinkers and the farms their coffee comes from. Sharing our understanding of coffee growing, processing, and roasting we hope to help our customers develop their appreciation and understanding of their coffee’s journey from farm to cup.