“This blend has been carefully selected for maximum tastiness and consistency. We've chosen coffees and tailored the roast profile to appeal to folks who enjoy their espresso straight up, as well as making for a delicious, sweet milk based coffee. It's our mainstay, and we love it.”- Semi Pro Founders.

The blend is made up of two coffees, A natural Brazilian Coffee and a washed Colombian. When partnered together we are tasting delicious notes of Milk Chocolate, Hazelnut and a bursting sweetness. The chocolate and nut notes predominantly come from the natural Brazilian coffee and enhanced sweetness is coming from the Colombian.

An introduction into Brazilian Coffee:

Brazil is the world’s largest coffee producer, supplying around a third of the world’s coffee. Over two million hectares of Brazilian land are dedicated to coffee, producing an average of 43 million bags of coffee a year, of which at least 70% is Arabica. These numbers are staggering, yet they make perfect sense when you consider that 22% of the planet’s cultivable land is found in Brazil: it is the number one crop producer in the world, and the fourth largest food producer.

Coffee farms in Brazil range in size from small family-run plantations of less than ten hectares, to large estates in excess of 2,000. To put their scale in perspective, many of the bigger farms in Brazil produce more coffee annually than Bolivia does as an entire nation (last year Bolivia produced 22,000 bags). One of the things that separates Brazil from other producing nations is the flat terrain found in many coffee-growing regions, which allows for large, uninterrupted plots of land to be dedicated to coffee farming. This means that many aspects of the production process (such as picking and irrigation) can be mechanised, which has both helped increase coffee farmers’ potential to produce great coffee and been at odds with it.


"Semi-Pro Coffee. Dumb name, right?

That’s kind of the point.

Ultimately if you’re the kind of person who is turned off by the name, you’re not the kind of person who is going to be turned on by us.

We love coffee. Probably more than you.I know you went to Melbourne once and the barista talked you into an espresso that you awkwardly suffered through so now you know things. But here’s the deal. We went to Melbourne too. And we ordered our own espresso, and we kind of liked it."

Fast forward a few years and here they are. A group of people who love what they do and are proud of what they serve. Semi Pro source and roast some wonderful coffees from wonderful, hard working women and men all over the world. We’d love to share them with you. Chances are that if you don’t mind the name, you won’t mind the taste.