Thinking before Coffee is never a good thing. 

We've done the hard work for you and put together a list of questions we frequently get asked to help clear up anything you are unsure about. 


How do I know the coffee is actually good?

Without going full coffee nerd on you,  all of our coffee is rated at a cup score of 80 or more. This score is out of 100 and essentially determines the quality of the coffee. It is a great guide when buying coffee to give you a general indication that what you are buying is of high quality. Think of it like buying a solid wine to drink instead of a $6 bottle to use in a ragu. 

On top of this, every coffee on our site has been rigorously tested by our team who have been in the industry for 20+ years between them. So they have been around the coffee block so to speak. 


How fresh is my coffee?

Very. Once you have place your order, each roaster gets a notification and starts preparing your order. We don't hold stock to ensure maximum freshness and to help cut down on shipping emissions (sustainability for the win!).


How long does it take until my order will arrive?

As each coffee you order is coming direct from the roaster, we cannot guarantee an exact time that your order will take to arrive. It can depend on a number of different factors. 

1. It will depend on where you are in Australia and how far from the roaster you. from WA to Brisbane can take a few days, but obviously Brisbane to brisbane can sometimes be next day delivery. 

2. It will also depend on roast schedules for each roaster. If you look a the description of each coffee on our site you will see that we have put the roasting schedule of that roaster in the description. Some roasters will ship every day while smaller roasters with smaller teams may roast filters one day a week and espressos two to three days in the week. 

Taking these factors into account, we hope your coffee will arrive within 2 - 8 days after dispatch from the roaster. Rest assured as soon as your coffee has been sent, you will receive a notification to let you know it's on the way!


Where do you ship to?

We ship all over Australia for a flat rate of $8.95 (that's if you haven't unlocked free shipping). We hope to be shipping to our NZ neighbours soon and one day, the rest of the world. 


I’m nervous about trying something new and don’t want to waste my money. What if I don't like it?

We get it. Sure, the coffee experts here at 'Feind have spent hours making sure we only list incredible coffees on the site, but everyone has different tastes. That's why every coffee is backed by our goodness guarantee. Don't like it? Send it back for free and one of our coffee experts will help you find something else we think you'll love to replace it. You can read more about it here