India | Riverdale Estate (Champagne)

Back by extremely popular demand this very unique coffee is popping off with notes of Mango, Strawberry compote and Chardonnay. Sounds dangerously delicious.


Chardonnay, Mango, Strawberry compote 


Origin: India 
Process: Natural (Champagne)
Varietals: SL9, SL5B
Altitude: 1450-1700 masl
Roast Type: Filter

In the last 10 years Riverdale Estate has been transformed with new modern farming practices like a state of art cupping lab, energy efficient pulping station(wet mill), drip irrigation for the plants, African style raised beds to dry all our coffee and temperature controlled storage room to store coffee beans post harvest. The plantation sits at an altitude of 1450 meter above sea level where we grow Green tip Gesha, brown tip Gesha, SL9 and SL5B arabica varieties.
The Loam soil in these mountain ranges have a perfect mixture of clay, silt and sand to grow coffee and other crops like oranges, jackfruit & peppercorn. The estate has a natural water stream which flows throughout the year making it a very interesting place to cultivate coffee.


All filter methods
Cold Brew/Cold Drip 


Name: Monastery Coffee Roasters
Location: SA

A small batch coffee roast from Adelaide, SA, Monastery Coffee has a massive focus on the delivery of traceable coffees. Monastery understand the role of the roaster and the importance of carrying through the meticulous work of the producers to the end result of their coffee.


Every Monday, Thursday and Friday

*Note that shipping times will depend on roast days and availability of the coffee to ensure freshness. All Coffee is dispatched directly from the Roastery. 

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