Ethiopia | Gedebe

Get into this extremely tasty natural Ethiopian coffee. Lovely notes of White chocolate, Dried cranberries and Baked apple. 


White Chocolate, Dried Cranberries, Baked Apple


Origin: Ethiopia 
Process: Natural
Varietals: Dega, Kurmi, Welisho 
Altitude: 2200-2400 masl
Roast Type: Filter

For their natural processed lots, cherries delivered to the washing station are soaked to remove any floaters. From the tanks, they are transferred to raised drying beds and further graded for visible defects by hand.
A natural processed lot can spend up to 3 weeks spread across the beds, being carefully turned, protected from the night’s humidity and shaded from the hottest period of each day.
The patience and hard work of these families is a labour of love. Their dedication to delivering cups with exhilarating aromas and flavours of immense complexity is a legacy to be revered and indeed celebrated together.


All filter methods
Cold Brew/Cold Drip 


Name: Monastery Coffee Roasters
Location: SA

A small batch coffee roast from Adelaide, SA, Monastery Coffee has a massive focus on the delivery of traceable coffees. Monastery understand the role of the roaster and the importance of carrying through the meticulous work of the producers to the end result of their coffee. Read more.


Roast days: Blends are roasted Monday and Friday each week. Single Origins are only roasted on Wednesdays due to batch size. 
Dispatch: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

*Note that shipping times will depend on roast days and availability of the coffee to ensure freshness. All Coffee is dispatched directly from the Roastery. 

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