Wake Up Call is the original Solitude Coffee blend. Sweet, full bodied and smooth, Wake Up Call has a subtly fruity and buttery flavour, gentle acidity and a lingering creamy finish. Cuts beautifully through milk and banging when black. Enjoy profusely. This unique and delicious blend is made up for a Natural Brazilian, a washed Indian coffee and a washed Guatemalan. These coffee’s partnered up together to create a lovely mouthfeel and bursts of flavour.

History of Guatemalan Coffee:

While coffee came to Guatemala in the late 18th century, as with much of the Central and South American colonies, cultivation of the crop began to gain steam in the 1860s, with the arrival of European immigrants who were encouraged by the Guatemalan government to establish plantations. Seeds and young coffee plants were distributed as encouragement, as the country’s main export crop (indigo) had recently failed, leaving the population somewhat desperate to find an agricultural replacement. By the late 1800s, Guatemala was exporting more nearly 300 million pounds of coffee annually. Until 2011, it was among the five largest coffee-producing countries in the world, though in recent years it has been outperformed by Honduras.

A large percentage of Guatemala’s population, and therefore also the coffee sector, identifies with one of more than 20 officially recognised indigenous groups, and most of the farmers are smallholders who are either working independently of one another, loosely associated by proximity and cultural ties, or formally affiliated in cooperative associations.

In 1960, coffee growers developed their own union, which has since become the national coffee institute Anacafé (Asosiación Nacional del Café), which is a research center, marketing agent, and financial organization that provides loans and offers support to growers throughout the various regions.

Starting in 2012 and lasting for several years, an outbreak of coffee-leaf rust proved a tremendous obstacle for coffee production in the country, reducing yields by as much as 25%, and causing the government to declare a state of emergency. Farmers attempted a combination of chemical and organic treatments, intensely targeted pruning, reduction of shade plants, and replacing susceptible varieties like Bourbon, Caturra, and Catuai with more leaf-rust-resistant ones. Anacafé, has been working closely with World Coffee Research on variety trials and research that will hopefully result in future protection and prevention of similar outbreaks, as well as provide more productive harvests for the smallholder farmers.


Currently Solitude Coffee is in what you could call it's 'humble beginnings' phase. 'We' are a team of one, and James is my name. I am fortunate to call Queensland's Sunshine Coast my home, a beautiful place of sun, surf, quiet beaches and tranquil bushland. For this and many other reasons there is a strong sense of community here, although many of its population (including myself) are from somewhere else. I arrived several years ago like many do, keen for a lifestyle change that provided more simplicity and balance, and a desire to contribute.​

Solitude Coffee is the result, but not the end. Drinking and roasting coffee has helped me in so many ways, and that's how I landed on the name. My favourite time is early in the morning when the sun cracks the horizon and the birds sing, and that first sip of sweet coffee hits my lips. That's my solitude.


Wake up Call | Blend
Wake up Call | Blend

Wake up Call | Blend