A more modern espresso. “Here we are chasing the sun, bringing sweet flavours to the table. Modern coffee has trended it’s way to being varying degrees of acid driven light roasts. We do this to highlight the collaboration of nature and farmers, and the beautiful creations they make. However, the coffees we select for sunshine are naturally suited to espresso and roasted in a way to be delicious, both balck and white, without blowing your face off with acidity.” (Blume coffee traders)
This blend is made up of a Natural Brazilian and a washed Rwandan.

The state of Minas Gerais is the largest coffee producer in Brazil and has some of the highest mountains in the country. It experiences mild climate year-round and sits just south of Bahia, at an elevation range of up to 1,400m above sea level.

 Umurage (The washed Rwandan in the blend) sits at 1,750m above sea level, overlooking a landscape of vibrant green hills and rich red earth. This station services about 463 local producers in total, who deliver fresh cherry daily during the harvest period. This coffee was processed and separated as a “day lot” – meaning all of the cherries that were picked and delivered on a single day were processed together to produce this lot.


“We know coffee. We’ve been obsessing over it for years and years. And, yes, we know we can come across as stuck up hipsters. We know it all seems a bit pretentious and unnecessary, even a bit scary. So our mission is simple. Make honest, delicious and curious coffee.” (Blume Coffee Traders)

Blume Values:
To leave things better than they found them
To be present and accountable within our community
To be honest
To be equitable
To share knowledge
To inspire curiosity
To be playful
To spread joy

You can read more about Blume coffee and their approach to sourcing their green coffee here.