The story behind this newly founded association is a story of the power of the group over the individual. With a little help from ANACAFE along with the local government, Mariano de Jesus Hernandez Gonzales and Santos Peopilo Perez were able to combine this group of 200+ members and work together for better prices and quality.

Producers in the group belong to the Maya Mam ethnic group - one of around 26 Maya ethnicities in Guatemala. The main language is Mam. There are 11 people on the board, and it changes every 2 years to make sure they operate a democratic and equal business. Business decisions are made by the business management committee.
Last harvest they were able to obtain better prices. This harvest they have obtained their organic certification.

About washed process coffee:

The washed process ensures a lovely clean and balanced coffee. This is because before drying or fermentation happens all of the outer cherry, fruit, mucilage and pulp is completely removed from the bean. The green beans are then soaked (time depends on the farmer) before then being dried. The result of this is a clean and balanced coffee, tasting the true origin. Other processing methods impact flavour heavily, with the washed process you can truly taste the origin, varietal and terroir and how they affect flavour. 


Offshoot Coffee was established in 2018 – our roasting philosophy is simple – to source some of the most exclusive and unique coffees, and roast them with great attention to detail. To achieve the most consistent results and a clean cup, our roaster of choice is a Loring S15 Falcon Smart Roaster. The Loring uses hot air as a form of heat transfer, which allows for great consistency. The hot air energy is then recycled to reduce the CO2 emissions by up to 80% relative to other traditional roasting systems.

"From our producers to our customers we maintain a passion to create a flavour experience that transcends the cup and makes a bigger impact. It's knowing that this coffee has been cared for all the way through the supply chain. It's the relationships we build that makes it so special. Sometimes it feels like great coffee is just an excuse!" -Rummy Keshet, head roaster