Puerta Verde sits at 1,520 metres above sea level near Ciudad Vieja, Sacatapequez in Antigua, Guatemala. The farm’s name, ‘Green door’ derives from its unique position in the magical Panchoy valley, home to rich volcanic soil, plentiful water and (accordingly) some of the best coffee grown in the area.Puerta Verde has been owned and managed since 1999 by Ricardo Zelaya. Ricardo is a meticulous and incredibly professional farmer who is focused on producing the very best coffee he can. He manages four coffee farms in Antigua; Santa Clara, Puerta Verde, San Agustin and Jauja and also owns and manages a farm called Carrizal in New Oriente. His farms are scrupulously well-managed—from the careful selection of varietals planted and attention given to plant nutrition and pruning, to the management and close supervision of the wet and dry mills – which are located on the estate and owned by Ricardo, giving him complete control over quality from picking through to export.Ricardo is passionate about sustainability. Coffee on his farms is shade-grown, which protects the plants from direct sunlight, maintains soil health, and provides an important habitat for birds and insect life. The family’s mills are also eco-friendly and feature sedimentation tanks that prevent pollution of the local river systems. All of the pulp from the mills is composted and used as an organic fertiliser for the farm. In addition, parchment from the dry mill is used for fuel to reduce the reliance on wood.


“We know coffee. We’ve been obsessing over it for years and years. And, yes, we know we can come across as stuck up hipsters. We know it all seems a bit pretentious and unnecessary, even a bit scary. So our mission is simple. Make honest, delicious and curious coffee.” (Blume Coffee Traders)

Blume Values:
To leave things better than they found them
To be present and accountable within our community
To be honest
To be equitable
To share knowledge
To inspire curiosity
To be playful
To spread joy
You can read more about Blume coffee and their approach to sourcing their green coffee here.