From one banger to another. This exquisite and ultra rare exotica series by Crop Del Monte will hopefully blow your mind like it has ours. This Finca El Placer farm is located in the Quindio region. This particular project is a part of a series of exotic coffees designed in Colombian in partnership with coffee growers, producing exemplary coffees by controlling variables such as time, temperature, oxygen and water. This particular project dives deep into the science behind growing incredible and experimental coffee in Colombia.

This unique processing methods features a 100 hour natural, Carbonic Maceration ferment in tanks before proceeding to export. Finca El Placer is located at 1740 masl using the Pink Bourbon varietal, so you are in for one exquisite coffee.

Expect aromas of sweet tropical fruits and florals, with a medium lime like acidity and to finish, a syrupy chocolate after taste.

About Carbonic Maceration:

Carbonic maceration is similar to anaerobic fermentation, but has one fundamental difference: the use of carbon dioxide. CO2 is flushed into sealed, airtight tanks full of cherries to remove residual oxygen. The microorganisms in the tank break down the sugars in the cherries more slowly, resulting in coffees with complex flavours that are often described as bright and winey. This particular coffee allows this fermentation to take place over 100 hours to really bring out those boozy and winey flavours. 


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