The Limu, Ethiopian coffee is a fully washed processed coffee consisting of heirloom varieties. The heirloom varietal offers a complex fruit acidity and delicate floral notes, while the washed processing highlights these flavours, resulting in a coffee that is bright and juicy.

About the washed processing method:

The washed process ensures a lovely clean and balanced coffee. This is because before drying or fermentation happens all of the outer cherry, fruit, mucilage and pulp is completely removed from the bean. The green beans are then soaked (time depends on the farmer) before then being dried. The result of this is a clean and balanced coffee, tasting the true origin. Other processing methods impact flavour heavily, with the washed process you can truly taste the origin, varietal and terroir and how they affect flavour. 


About Six Of One:

“The inspiration for Six of One was sparked by a love of coffee, and all things local. We roast locally in Toowoomba, the beautiful regional city sitting high on the Great Dividing Range in rare air, with a style of its own. A place where the bush meets the big smoke.” - Jason, Founder of Six of One.

Six of One aim to deliver a stunning coffee experience for their customers, whether they are enjoying brunch with friends in the city or savouring the peace and quiet of the campfire in the outback. Because let’s be honest – having a great cuppa makes every day a whole lot more enjoyable!

They roast beautiful, specialty coffee from the freshest, highest quality coffee beans that are sourced internationally, from small lot farms.