Addisu Hulichaye grows and processes coffee on his 8-hectare farm, Gololcha, in Ethiopia’s Sidama region. The farm’s extremely high elevation (2092 metres above sea level) and the area’s cool climate cause the coffee cherries to ripen slowly, leading to denser beans and a sweeter, more complex coffee in the cup.Coffee on Gololcha Farm is forest-grown organically in the shade of trees. During harvest, Addisu and his team hand-pick the ripest red cherries. The coffee is meticulously hand-sorted, and then naturally processed – a method that requires a lot of care and a high level of attention to detail.Addisu is a participant in the Lalisaa Project, a three-year program that offers resources, support and training to help coffee producers improve their growing and processing practices and, ultimately, the quantity and quality of their output. While COVID-19 has stalled some phases of the Lalisaa Project, many participating farmers have already recorded a big improvement in quality and, like Addisu, have been able to receive higher premiums for their coffees.It’s rare to have a coffee that’s traceable back to an individual smallholder farmer in Ethiopia. We absolutely love how clean, elegant and fruit-forward it tastes in the cup.


Market Lane Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster and retailer born and based in Melbourne. We have been roasting coffee in Melbourne since 2009. Here is an introduction to Market Lane Coffee – our values, our vision, and our ethics, and what gets us out of bed every morning.Market Lane, founded in 2009, the mission was simple: they wanted to sustainably source, roast and share the world’s finest coffees, and celebrate the incredible stories of the people behind them. They also wanted to make great coffee accessible and exciting, easy to understand and appreciate, and simple to brew and enjoy.“The coffee industry in Australia has changed radically over the past decade and a half. Before the 2010s, finding fresh, traceable, high quality coffee was practically impossible. We wanted to help address that and, in doing so, ignite positive change in the industry by redefining what coffee is and can be, and to build a market for, and appreciation of, specialty coffee. This is important to us because the more demand there is for high quality coffee, the better off the coffee producers are, and the more sustainable the coffee supply chain becomes.In the years since we opened, there have been many positive changes in the coffee industry both in Australia and globally, but there’s still a lot of work to be done. To that end, our values and mission have remained unchanged, and we continue to be very focused on building a more sustainable future for everyone in the specialty coffee supply chain – particularly the producers and their communities, who rely on coffee for their livelihood.” - Market Lane Coffee