Welcome to the Dell blend, bursting with sweet fruity flavours and an indulgent chocolate intensity. This blend is made up of 3 different components; Brazil, Kenya and Colombia. Once again that red berry sweetness and sweet caramel notes are presented from the washed Colombian coffee in the blend.

 Colombia produces a lot of coffee – over 11 million bags a year – making it the third-largest exporter of coffee in the world, behind Brazil and Vietnam. There are nearly 600,000 coffee producers in the country, and over two-thirds of the production comes from small farms less than three hectares in size. Most farmers have their own ‘micro beneficios’, where they process the coffee themselves before selling it in parchment.

Coffee is grown across 588 municipalities and 20 growing regions in Colombia, at elevations of 1,200-2,200 metres above sea level. These regions are all very diverse and produce an impressive variety of coffees, thanks to the country’s mountainous topography, wind patterns, and proximity to the equator, which all combine to create a series of tropical microclimates. Most regions have two harvests a year (the main harvest and a “mitica” or fly crop), which is what makes it possible to source coffee from Colombia pretty much all year long.


Full Circle Roasters is founded and run by Lachlan himself. A small batch coffee roaster based in Wagga Wagga. The name of the roastery comes from his roasting location. Coffee roasting in Wagga Wagga began about 20 years ago but left for some time. In the very same warehouse it began, Lachlan has resumed the craft of coffee roasting, hence the name Full Circle. With over 8 years of cafe experience Lachlan felt like roasting was the next natural step. From converting an old breadmaker into a makeshift home coffee roaster for fun to now roasting everyday on his Toper roaster, Lachlan is dedicated to creating quality brews.

“I’ve Definitely had a passion for coffee, and it would be hard to get rid of. It’s always really nice when people compliment the coffee you've made for them, but it’s even more rewarding when you’ve done the extra step and done the whole roasting process, even if they don't know that.”

Full Circle Roasters continue to showcase their tasty coffee’s and the appreciation for the coffee roasting craft.