This coffee was grown and harvested by farmer Mora Memo at the Finca Parritilla, which has been in the family for thirty five years. The Tarrazu area where the farm is located is renowned for producing some of the finest coffees in Costa Rica, and is a sanctuary for native flora and fauna. Mora Memo's farm follows sustainable production methods to continue the conservation efforts of the area. The Tarrazu region is known for well defined wet and dry seasons, which aids in the development of fine coffee, which is fundamental to the livelihoods of the local producers.

Finca Parritilla is a member of the ASOPROAAA Cooperative, which was developed after Hurricane Mitch in 1998 to help get coffee farmers back into production and promote sustainable practices after their crops were devastated. Today the cooperative represents over 1000 smallhold farmers and is recognised internationally for producing great coffees, including winning a Cup of Excellent competition, directly benefiting its members financially.

Expect a subtle fruitiness up front with a lingering acidity, a distinctly creamy body and sweet dark chocolate notes. 


Currently Solitude Coffee is in what you could call it's 'humble beginnings' phase. 'We' are a team of one, and James is my name. I am fortunate to call Queensland's Sunshine Coast my home, a beautiful place of sun, surf, quiet beaches and tranquil bushland. For this and many other reasons there is a strong sense of community here, although many of its population (including myself) are from somewhere else. I arrived several years ago like many do, keen for a lifestyle change that provided more simplicity and balance, and a desire to contribute.​

Solitude Coffee is the result, but not the end. Drinking and roasting coffee has helped me in so many ways, and that's how I landed on the name. My favourite time is early in the morning when the sun cracks the horizon and the birds sing, and that first sip of sweet coffee hits my lips. That's my solitude.


Wake up Call | Blend
Wake up Call | Blend

Wake up Call | Blend