“We source our beans from around the world, and work hard to only use the best. Part of this process is ensuring that our green coffee is delivered in GrainPro bags. Coffee is a fruit and as with all food products, fresh is best. GrainPro bags protect the green coffee during shipping from it’s origin, so that we retain as much flavour as possible.”

As the name suggests, sipping this coffee is like being on Cloud Nine; an intrinsic sweetness of milk chocolate and lively fruit flavours that characterise these amazing coffees. This coffee is made up from 3 different origins, Colombia, Guatemala and Ethiopia. These 3 origins work together so well to create that cloud nine feeling. Lovely chocolate notes mainly coming from the Guatemalan coffee and complemented so well by the fruits and sweetness of the Colombian and the Ethiopian coffee. 


At Bear Bones Coffee we have a range of specialty blends and single origin coffees to suit any cafe’s needs and seek like-minded individuals with whom to share our passion for this industry.

We are committed to helping our customers produce the best coffee possible by using the highest quality beans, working with the best coffee equipment, and supplying complementary and custom training on everything from crop to cup. We’re in this for the long haul and are always up for a coffee.