The coffee processed at Jean Vilhena farm is all handpicked and grown using only organic methods. Once the coffee is picked Jean takes it to his state of the art fermentation tanks. Jean has invested much time and money into upgrading his processing facilities, to be able to process coffees using innovative techniques such as this Anaerobic method. For this lot, Jean kept the coffee fermenting in laid barrels with a specific strain of yeast. The barrels are rotated every day for 108 hr, whilst being starved of oxygen. Under this controlled environment, the yeast fermentation adds in alcoholic like flavours. This particular interesting processing method impacts heavily on flavour by giving us boozier and more vibrant tasting notes in the cup.


This coffee is grown on the farm Santa Monica farm in Ibiraci, which boarders the Minas Gerais and Sao Paulo. This region is known to produce some of the best coffees in Brazil, with micro climates, rich soils and altitudes between 1080 to 1270, the reasonably small farms contain several different varietals grown alongside an another.


About Blacksheep

Black Sheep Coffee, was founded in the early 2000's, and has been a consistent supplier of specialty roasted coffee within the Brisbane coffee scene ever since. Opening its own roastery in inner-city Brisbane in 2014, Black Sheep has quietly made a name for itself for reliable, quality coffees, with an ever growing reputation as a destination for consistent blends and showcase single origin coffees.