El Fuerte is located in a new growing region in Bolivia called Samaipata which is located in the eastern department of Santa Cruz, at the foot of the Bolivian Andes.Samaipata means ‘Rest of the Heights’, and is a small, picturesque town. A scenic road that runs along a beautiful river leads to the town centre that attracts Bolivians and foreigners alike.

It is a popular base for nature walks and the World Heritage El Fuerte Andes ruins, after which the farm was named. El Fuerte is 20km east of Samaipata, and sits on the edge of the Amboro National Park which is characterised by great diversity and biological richness, with humid forests, waterfalls and exotic birds.

El Fuerte is owned by the Rodriguez family, who also has a business called Agricafe, which produces coffee from its own farms and also sources quality micro-lots from small producers in the Yungas region.
Coffee production in Bolivia is, and always has been, very small. Pedro began his journey in coffee by working with small producers in Caranavi, building a wet mill to process their coffee, and educating producers to selectively handpick their cherries. He also started to process small micro-lots from each of the producers, and because of the unique combination of heirloom varieties, rich soil and incredibly high altitudes, the results were outstanding.


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