Welcome to ‘feind.  

First up, the pronunciation. “find?”, “fee-end?”. No. Think - fiend (because we’re all fiends for coffee). But spelt, ‘feind, as in [caf] feind. That’s why we’re all here right? To get caffeind? (...or caffeinated). Make sense? Yes? Good. No? Just say “fee-nd” and no one will know any better.

 Right, allow us to introduce ourselves and why we have created ‘feind. We will try and keep it brief, but then again we are passionate coffee nerds who love what we do. So apologies in advance if we ramble. 

Our Mission

To make quality, delicious coffee from Australia’s top roasters readily available in one central place. 

We love our coffee. To be honest, we have probably spent way too much time learning, tasting and not sleeping because of it. We know there are others like us and we wanted to create a place where we could all come together to share in this love. Without judgement. 

We have everything from Specialty Instant, to Pods to incredibly rare filters and lots. No matter where you are in your home brewing journey, you are a part of the ‘feind fam. 

On another note, we believe that Australia has some of the best coffee roasters in the world. As a country, we are really at the forefront pushing the boundaries of the specialty coffee industry. Some roasters are doing some incredible things. Not just in flavour and quality. But also in sustainability and transparency. 

Often, our wonderful roasters are so focused on their craft, that little time is left for marketing or getting the word out about what they do. This is one of the reasons why we created ‘feind. The way we saw it, unless you knew about a specific roaster, the only way to find out about them was by chance on social media or if your local café was serving them in a guest slot. 

We wanted to change that. A big part of what we are doing at ‘feind is about discovery. Giving roasters of all sizes a platform to get the word out about the incredible work that they do - making it possible for them to offer up an extremely special coffee for example and have an audience that will make it worth their while. 

There are plenty of more reasons why we created ‘feind, like having you save on multiple shipping costs from different roasters (yeah, we just absorb it), or to get you to try roasters from different states, but we will leave the list at that for now - we've gone on long enough.

What we do hope is that you’ll come along on our journey. Help us spread the word. 

We’d love to have you as a part of the ‘feind fam. 

If you’re a “feind” for coffee - come and join us.  

The ‘Feind Coffee Team,
Alex, Felicity & Cameron